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Free Download - Nutrition Program Tracker

If you've ever had a Nutrition Consultation with Howard Elrod, you'll know why this Program Tracker is helpful.

With each Nutrition Consultation, Howard crafts a unique program tailored to your body's specific needs. This Program comes with a recommended diet, names of supplements, number of doses, how long you should take everything, and the date of your next appointment.

To help you never miss a day of your vitamins and establish better habits, we made this free Program Tracker just for you!

There's twelve months (and an extra three lines for you to add anything else you want to) and 31 days listed. Write down what month you're in and check mark the day you took your supplements. Wa-la!

You can't have better health without having better habits. Make 2018 the healthiest year yet with our Program tracker! Happy holidays!

Click the image below to open up the document.

Save to your desktop.

Print when needed.

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