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3 Stages of Probiotics

TriActive Biotics Capsule - in Capsule technology features multi-stage delivery, while the patented "Moisture Defense" draws moisture away from the inner Probiotic capsule, providing shelf stability at room temperature.

Unlike typical delayed release capsules (D/R Caps) that only deliver contents to the small intestine, TriActive's outer capsule contains a Prebiotic (FOS) that releases first in the stomach for added benefit, while allowing the inner Probiotic capsule to travel safely to the small intestine for CFU survival and multiplication.

14 Strains of Probiotics are utilized to cover virtually all aspects of probiotic needs, ensuring consumers get the full spectrum of health benefits.

TriActive Biotics is the evolution of the probiotic industry. Using a unique 3 step delivery system, TriActive effectively releases a prebiotic and probiotics where they need to be.

Here are 3 stages of Probiotics:

1. Prebiotic Release

TriActive releases a liquid prebiotic into the stomach where it balances the pH in the gut, discourages the growth of unfriendly bacteria, and establishes a path of food for the probiotic.

Other probiotic product brands release in the stomach where stomach acid immediately begins to attack the beneficial bacteria.

2. Probiotic Protection

The inner capsule of TriActive's probiotic is protected from degradation and travels past the stomach.

Unprotected, other probiotics quickly weaken and die off as they pass the stomach and enter the large intestine.

3. Probiotic Multiplication

TriActive probiotic is released into the intestine where the prebiotic has established a pathway of food for it to flourish. This creates an environment that allows for CFU multiplication, providing a higher level of benefit.

With other probiotic delivery methods, the remaining probiotic enters the large intestine in a reduced and weak state. This greatly reduces the overall effectiveness of the probiotic.

*This is a product we sell at Healthy Touch Whole Health Care in Rome, GA

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