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BOGO WEEK: Thursday, Passion Touch Roller and Console Touch Roller

🌺 Day 4 (of 5)!

I was hoping they would include at least 1 of the emotional blends this week, but they OVERdelivered!

Today if you buy the Passion Touch Roller, you’ll get the Console Touch Roller FREE.

$27.25 for a $52.25 value! The Touch Line is a line of prediluted roller bottles that are safe and effective for all ages.

The emotional blends are NOT hype. They are scientifically proven to interact with your brain chemistry and receptors in a positive way, often times counteracting negative emotions. Aromatherapy is powerful! By using them topically, they get straight into your blood stream where they can travel to where they need to go, AND you can get the aromatic benefits as well when you breathe them in.

🌺 I continue to be amazed at how quickly my mood can shift simply by breathing in the aroma of essential oils. If you need more convincing, check out this scientific info:

🌺 I love the roller bottle delivery system because they are easy and convenient. I often keep them in my purse so I can have them accessible wherever I go!

CONSOLE can be used in times of :

• Anger

• Frustration

• Loss

• Grief

• Sadness

• Worry

• Hopelessness

Physical benefits can be:

• Reducing fine lines and wrinkles when applied to face

• Respiratory support during times of respiratory infections

• Reducing or eliminating heart palpitations, and more!

🔥 Passion could be used to ignite:

• Excitement

• Passion

• Joy

• Creativity

• Clarity

And counteract feelings like:

• Boredom

• Disinterest

• Apathy

• Indifference

• Anxiety

• Sleeplessness

Physical benefits can be:

• Help quicken digestion and elimination

• Stimulate blood circulation

• Support to balance hormones

• Increased libido

• Reduce brain fog

• Soothe joint pain

• and offer immune support.

To take full advantage of today's BOGO, place an order by 9pm *TONIGHT* with Linda Orr at Healthy Touch by calling 770-546-0067.

To book a private Essential Oils class with Linda Or, click here:

To learn more about DoTerra Essential Oils, visit

To learn more about Healthy Touch, visit


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