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BOGO WEEK: Tuesday "Tummy Troubles No More" Duo

Day #2 - Digestive Enzymes

DoTerra Essential Oils BOGO

This is a big deal!!!! ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ People constantly have trouble with gas, tummy aches, poop issues, and a whole host of other body issues that stem from improper digestion.

These two powerhouses are unbelievable for anyone who needs some extra digestive support. Here is the bottom line... these blended supplements and oils make belly dreams come true. Terrazyme is an amazing blend of digestive enzymes! You take this with food to help promote healthy digestion and eliminate all kinds of digestive problems associated with food. So much of what we eat has had the enzymes destroyed and our poor bodies just cannot digest our food well.

DigestZen is an essential oil blend that is generally rubbed on topically or taken internally to soothe the belly for various reasons. And a common hack that people don't know about is that DigestZen is truly one of the best for sinus issues. I often rub on my sinuses topically to help relieve sinus pressure and get up mucus. It's amazing! And, DigestZen helps with motion sickness!


To take full advantage of today's BOGO, place an order by 9pm *TONIGHT* with Linda Orr at Healthy Touch by calling 770-546-0067.


Wholesale: $37.50

Retail: $50

P.V. 37.50

DigestZen Oil

Wholesale: FREE! (originally $31.00)

Retail: FREE! (originally 41.33)

To book a private Essential Oils class with Linda Or, click here:

To learn more about DoTerra Essential Oils, visit

To learn more about Healthy Touch, visit


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