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Whole30 Pumpkin Turkey Chili

One of our staff members just started Whole30. (If you've never heard of Whole30, click here!)

And we're going to share the most delicious, worthwhile Whole 30 recipes with you!

You probably clicked on this blog post because:

A: You love Pumpkin ANYTHING


B. you were thinking, "what on earth..."

Or maybe you really are just looking for Whole30 recipes. And that's okay, too. You've come to the right place... because this chili is AMAZING.

"I made this pumpkin turkey chili for my husband. We were both hesitant at first because it looked so gross when we first put it together - but as it cooked down, it looked more and more like the chili we are used to. We tasted it and we were shocked - 'THIS TASTES LIKE ACTUAL CHILI?!' It's a lot less acidic and doesn't weigh you down... even when our Whole30 is over, we'll probably keep making this chili!" -BG

Because we love giving credit to those who love to come up with these crazy things, click here for the full recipe - listed at the bottom of the article.

Leave a comment below & tell us how yours turned out. Did you modify it? Did you love it? HATE it? We'd love to know!

P.S. Matzah (pictured above) is not apart of Whole30! :D


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