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Essential Oil Quick Facts: Clove

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Quick Facts

Botanical Family: Myrtaceae (shrubs and trees)

Extraction Method: Steam distillation from bud and stem.

Common Primary Uses:

  • Additions (Tobacco)

  • Antioxidant

  • Blood Clots

  • Candida

  • Cataracts

  • Corns

  • Disinfectant

  • Fever

  • Fungal Infections

  • Herpes Simplex

  • Hodgkin's Disease

  • Hormonal Balance

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Liver Cleansing

  • Lupus

  • Macular Degeneration

  • Memory

  • Metabolism Balance

  • Mold

  • Muscle Aches

  • Muscle Pain

  • Osteoporosis

  • Plague

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Termites

  • Thyroid Dysfunction

  • Toothache (pain)

  • Tumor (Lipoma)

  • Viral Infections

  • Warts

  • Wounds

Common Application Methods:

1. Dilute 1:1 (1 drop essential oil to 1 drop carrier oil) before topical use. Apply to reflec points and/or directly on area of concern. Rub directly on the gums surrounding an infected tooth. Place on tongue with finger to remove desire to smoke, or place on back of tongue to fight against tickling cough.

2. Diffuse with caution; it may irritate the nasal membranes if it is inhaled directly from a diffuser.

3. Place 1 drop under the tongue, or take in capsules. Use as a flavoring in cooking.

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