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How to make Vegetable last longer

Are you tired of spending money on produce that looks beautiful in the store, bringing them home, and having everything spoil within just a few days?

We were, too.

Until we discovered this gem. Produce bags are an incredibly easy way to make fruits and vegetables stay fresher longer - and saving you tons of money in the long run. (We have these produce bags available at our offices, 20 bags for $5!) They are also reusable up to ten times!

These stay fresh bags will keep your produce good for two to three weeks because they allow the ethylene ripening gas to pass through the bag. This is a huge step you must take in order to eat fresh produce.

If you keep the produce in the plastic bags from the grocery store, they will rot in a few days and this discourages many people from eating fresh produce! Instead they choose frozen food which is not as nutritious and it's enzymes are damaged.

The produce pictured above were wrapped up in paper towel to absorb moisture and put inside the stay fresh produce bags. Those organic apples are at least a month old! The rutabagas are 2 weeks old. Amazing!

Put an end to losing your produce AND your money. Stay healthy and well by eating fresh produce daily!

We sell these produce bags in our office store at $5 for 20 bags. Come & try them out for yourself - comment below to let us know what you think!


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