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What is your Tongue trying to tell you about your Health?

Tongue Analysis according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

*This is an educational article, not a medical diagnosis

Tongue Characteristics and Meanings

Pink - Good blood, good health

Pale: Anemia, may be due to iron-deficient diet and/or parasites, energy deficiency

Red dots: Unexpressed, stuffed thoughts & feelings, organ heat due to organ inefficiency

Red: Organ inefficiency & heat, excessive energy, anger, deficient organs due to fluid consumption

Deep Red: Febrille disease, prolonged illness, yin fluid exhausted, endogenous fire is hyperactive

Purple: Stagnant blood, may be due to Candida, Parasites and/or Mercury/Dental Amalgam Fillings

Blue: Cold organ condition due to exhaustion of vital energy; prolonged stress, emotional coldness

White coating: Normal

Yellow Coating: Warm, hot toxins, more easily removed, constipation

Thick white coating: Cold, flu, cold toxins, constipation

Flabby Teeth Prints: Spleen deficiency, digestive weakness, water retention, energy & yin deficiency

Thick: Water retention, phlegm-damp

Line in Middle: GI Tract distress due to poor diet, junk/fast food, mental/emotional stress

Cracked: Withheld anger, bitterness, resentment, consumption of body fluid by excessive heat, kidney essence loss; fire hyperactivity due to yin deficiency

Trembling tongue: Liver problem, CNS disorder, mind disturbance/phlegm-heat, liver yin damage/strong heat, in protracted illness indicates deficiency of energy & yin, coat peeling off; smooth, shiny surfaces; long illness, virulent pathogens; weakened immunity, grossly deficient yin

To learn more about what your body might be trying to tell you, and to book an appointment with Howard Elrod, visit our offices at Healthy Touch for a Nutritional Analysis!

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