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What is your Tongue trying to tell you about your Health?

Tongue Analysis according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

*This is an educational article, not a medical diagnosis

Tongue Characteristics and Meanings

Pink - Good blood, good health

Pale: Anemia, may be due to iron-deficient diet and/or parasites, energy deficiency

Red dots: Unexpressed, stuffed thoughts & feelings, organ heat due to organ inefficiency

Red: Organ inefficiency & heat, excessive energy, anger, deficient organs due to fluid consumption

Deep Red: Febrille disease, prolonged illness, yin fluid exhausted, endogenous fire is hyperactive

Purple: Stagnant blood, may be due to Candida, Parasites and/or Mercury/Dental Amalgam Fillings

Blue: Cold organ condition due to exhaustion of vital energy; prolonged stress, emotional coldness

White coating: Normal

Yellow Coating: Warm, hot toxins, more easily removed, constipation

Thick white coating: Cold, flu, cold toxins, constipation

Flabby Teeth Prints: Spleen deficiency, digestive weakness, water retention, energy & yin deficiency

Thick: Water retention, phlegm-damp

Line in Middle: GI Tract distress due to poor diet, junk/fast food, mental/emotional stress

Cracked: Withheld anger, bitterness, resentment, consumption of body fluid by excessive heat, kidney essence loss; fire hyperactivity due to yin deficiency

Trembling tongue: Liver problem, CNS disorder, mind disturbance/phlegm-heat, liver yin damage/strong heat, in protracted illness indicates deficiency of energy & yin, coat peeling off; smooth, shiny surfaces; long illness, virulent pathogens; weakened immunity, grossly deficient yin

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