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Turkey Ginger Salad

A perfect lunch portion for on the run work schedules... we hope you enjoy this healthy salad!

*Note: This salad is made for those with a blood type A, found in "Eat Right For Your Blood Type"


1. One pound antibiotic-free ground Turkey (I used Butterball brand from Wal-Mart)

2. Curry

3. Fresh grated Ginger

4. Himalayan Salt

5. Organic Beets

6. Organic Carrots (organic carrots are from Rise & Shine Farms in Rome, GA)

7. Organic Apples

8. Organic Spring Mix (I used Marketside Spring Mix from Wal-Mart)

9. Sweet Potatoes

10. Organic Bok Choy (optional)


1. Brown your Turkey with Curry, Himalayan salt & fresh grated Ginger.

2. Soak your Wal-Mart Organic Spring mix in Bragg's apple cider vinegar in water. Apple cider vinegar removes harmful microorganisms. Two caps of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar in this much maybe half a gallon of filtered water. Only soak your veggies in filtered water. Parasites can come through the municipal water system!

3. Chop up all veggies, and sauté. On the left, sautéed organic bok choy from Rise and Shine farms in Olive Oil and Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt supports the Vitality of the adrenal glands which helps us cope with stress. On the right, organic sweet potatoes being sautéed in Himalayan salt. Lightly salted cooked in olive oil. Sweet potatoes from Rise and Shine Farms.

4. Toss all together - store for a week's worth of lunches! Enjoy!

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