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Asian Chicken Delight

Today's feast is Asian Chicken Delight spread over organic spinach and red butterhead lettuce with organic beets and carrots and apples - YUM! Asian chicken is prepared with generous fresh grated Ginger and soy sauce. It will be topped with lightly stir fried shiitake mushrooms and chard.

Organic shiitake mushrooms and chard from Rise and Shine farms in Calhoun, GA. All of this is sautéed in 100% pure avocado oil!

Mushrooms almost done sauteeing! Yum yum!

Finish product to take to work! Sautéed chard and shiitake mushrooms on top Asian chicken Asian ginger chicken over a bed of spinach and red butterhead lettuce, yum yum!

The foods in this recipe will kill all kind of cold and flu viruses and bacterias. Greens kill viruses and bolster our immune systems to kill everything that is not health and life. Amen and amen!


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