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Acupuncture & Low Level Light Therapy Face Lift

After only one acupuncture face lift and Low level light therapy treatment, Wanda (65 years) reports that, "I love acupuncture! I have so much more energy. My lips are more plump and they look younger. The wrinkles under my eyes and around my mouth look better. And the two large wrinkles around my neck are dramatically improved." (12/7/16)

Rita (52 years) reports that after only one Low Level Light Therapy treatment, her face is fuller with less wrinkles. (12/7/16)

What is low level light therapy?

Low Level Light Therapy was developed by NASA to regenerate astronauts' muscle, ligament, and connective tissue during prolonged weightlessness. LLLT also regenerates collagen and elastin which regenerates skin and reduces and removes wrinkles. It's AMAZING.

The normal cost is $70 for Acupuncture (1hr), and $25 for Low Level Light Therapy (30 min) which equals $95 total

But wait! There's a sale!

Now through Dec 31, Healthy Touch has their 20% off Holiday Special. Therefore acupuncture is $56 and Light Therapy is $20, which totals $76. What a great savings! You may also purchase multiple treatments now that can extend into 2017 @ $76/ treatment, Acupuncture & Light. Book an appointment today!

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