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What to Expect at Healthy Touch

At Healthy Touch, we have been helping thousands of people achieve wellness for 34 years. Howard Elrod, Dipl. Ac L. Ac., NCTMB, LMT has 40 years experience in bodywork, 38 years experience in nutrition, and 30 years experience in acupuncture.

Step One:

Download, print and fill out the wellness questionnaire here.

Follow the Client Preparation for Health Consultation for those who are receiving a Nutritional Consultation. Read form here.

Step Two:

Howard will listen to what the patient has to say about their health problems. You know your body and your health best. Often patients tell me exactly what the problem is, so we can work directly and quickly toward the solution. We do not see you for 5 minutes and then rush you out the door as is often the case in standard medical practice. Healthcare should not be dictated by MBA’s, accountants, and insurance companies. The person’s health and healing are our first priority, not money and payments. We believe that if you help people get well and stay well, that first, God will be glorified and secondly patients will refer others who need our help. A typical nutritional consultation requires about three hours to complete. It may run longer if you have a complex health picture. This can be reduced due to time and budget constraints.

Step Three:

Once Howard has heard all the problems and the history, he likes to pray for forgiveness of our sins and for specific healing of the patient and to turn the session over to Almighty God Who is our true and ultimate Healer. In John 15:7- 8, Yeshua (Jesus) promises, “If you live in Me and My Words remain in you and continue to live in your hearts, ASK WHATEVER YOU WILL, AND IT SHALL BE DONE FOR YOU. When you bear much fruit, My Father is honored and glorified, and you show and prove yourselves to be true followers of Mine.”

Step Four:

Howard likes to read the patient’s tongue. This is called, "Chinese Tongue Diagnosis." The early 1900’s medical doctors used to read the tongue also. Howard believes that God has created our bodies so we can look at the outside and tell what is taking place on the inside of the body. When Howard “reads the body,” his findings often concur with x-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, and lab reports. Tongue color, cracks, wetness, size, serrations, red dots, and coatings all have meaning. Major organs are represented on different areas of the tongue. The heart is at the front tip and the kidneys (deepest organ) is at the very back or root of the tongue. Often he can see evidence of parasites (red dots at the back of the tongue) and fungal infection (red tissue down the middle of the tongue) by observing the patient’s tongue. Growing up in second hand smoke can be seen by reading cracks in the lung area of the tongue. This is not fortune telling, but health telling!

Step Five:

Howard performs a "Chinese Pulse Diagnosis" by palpating twelve arterial pulses on the radial arteries on the wrist above the hands. Information from the twelve major meridians may be discerned from these pulses. Here, Howard listens to the large intestine and lung, stomach and spleen (immune system), endocrine system (right wrist); small intestine and heart; gall bladder and liver; urinary bladder and kidney (left wrist).

A wealth of information is received by the rate, amplitude, and characteristics of the pulses. Pulses can change with a drink of water for the dehydrated patient or discussing an emotional event. Pulses indicate how much energy you have in your body and the quality of the energy. With this much information, we can begin the acupuncture treatment. For nutrition patients, we proceed with further health analysis.

Step Six:

Howard then observes the bottom of the patient’s feet. He reads the lines in the reflex zones (foot reflexology) on the plantar surface of the feet. This is called Dermatoglyphics. Ideally, there should be no lines on the foot surfaces. The healthier we are, the fewer lines we have on the bottoms of our feet. Stress and disease cause lines to occur on the epidermal layers of the feet. This is in response to the reflex zones in the feet. God has made our bodies where we can walk barefooted and receive healthy stimulation of organs all over the body. By observing the feet, Howard can see markings that indicate tapeworms and roundworms and the organ that they have infected, lung infections and past pneumonia, cigarette smoking damage (first or second hand smoke) to lung tissue, grief marks in the lungs, reflux lines in the stomach zone, “eats too fast” lines in the stomach, “works too much” lines in the uterus or prostate, excessive stress in the adrenals and testis or ovaries (cracks in the heel of the foot), estrogen, progesterone, testosterone hormone deficiency, dehydration in the kidneys, excessive carbonated beverage (soda) consumption in the stomach to kidney zones, thyroid stress, neck strain, lower back strain, parasites in the brain, protein deficiency, shoulder strain, bowel blockage, urinary bladder stress from coffee, tea, sodas, alcohol or tobacco, interstitial cystitis, pituitary gland deficiency from mental stress, and more.

Step Seven:

Then, Howard reads the vein lines in the sclera of the eyeball. This is termed Sclerology. A tribe of American Indians discovered this in the Mississippi area, maybe Choctaw. Howard observes above, below, left and right of the iris with light and magnification. This gives a wealth of information. Here I can see pockets of toxicity in the body. Frequently, Howard sees pockets of pesticides or insecticides in the brain from monthly pesticide spraying of the home or office. Also those electric air fresheners are a source of chemical pollution for the body. Howard sees nerve stress lines, pockets of mercury poisoning in the brain due to dental amalgam fillings, stomach stress (reflux), poor diet affect on the stomach, sinus congestion (parasites and fungus live in the sinuses), childhood second hand smoke damage, past pneumonia, air pollution lodged on the lungs, lymph system congestion from smoking, not sweating, lack of exercise or poor diet, gall stones, gall bladder sludge, liver toxicity and congestion, environmental toxins in the left liver lobe, pancreas stress from too much sugar and simple carbohydrate consumption, fungus in the stomach, small intestines, large intestines, fungus and parasite pockets in the brain, stress in the ovaries and testis, adrenal stress and fatigue, soda (carbonated beverage) pockets in the kidneys, constipation, parasite and fungus pockets in the colon, parasites in the uterus or prostate, cigarette or wood smoke clouds in the thyroid (cause of many types of thyroid dysfunction), cadmium from cigarettes in the parathyroid gland (contributor to osteoporosis), iodine deficiency in the thyroid, parasite overwhelm in the spleen and immune system. WOW - it's amazing how God designed our bodies.

Step Eight:

During the health and lifestyle history and four body diagnostic systems (tongue, pulse, feet, and eyes), Howard likes to give dietary counseling about what to eat and drink and what not to eat and drink. He encourages a whole foods diet of fresh vegetable, fruits, whole grains, beans, legumes, meats and dairy without growth hormones and antibiotics, all according to one's blood type. Mary Soles RN, owner of Mary’s Health Cupboard, Cedartown, Georgia taught me to eat foods from God’s Table. This means consuming foods as they come out of the earth (God’s Table) with no or minimal processing. Health and lifestyle history, prayer and shofar blowing, tongue and pulse diagnosis, dermatoglyphics, sclerology, and dietary counseling require one hour to one and one half hours to complete.

Step Nine:

Howard tests 72 electroacupuncture points on the patient’s hands and feet on a BioMeridian MSAS Professional. With product testing, this requires about one and one half hours. This is called "Computerized Electrodermal Screening." Here we determine how much bioelectricity is in the organs and tissues of the body. This testing generates three more diagnostic systems - German Homotoxicology Report called BioReportization, The Q Chart (hierarchy of imbalanced organ system priority), Cause of Organ Dysfunction (imbalanced organ are balanced with virtual remedies stored in the Stimulus Library). Cause of Organ Dysfunction tells us if the patient has:

1) Chemical poisoning

2) Pesticide, insecticide, or herbicide toxicity

3) Heavy metal poisoning

4) Bacterial infections

5) Viral infections

6) Parasite infections

7) Fungal and mold infections.

Step Ten:

Armed with seven diagnostic systems, we now test actual products which will address and heal infections and toxicities. Usually, a two month Nutritional and Detoxification Program is created. After two months, we retest everything and map progress. This requires at least two and a half hours depending on the results and complexity of the patient’s health picture. Another two month program is created and carried out. After this, the patient usually goes on a maintenance program.

When the patient follows this program with a lot of purified water drinking and dietary improvements, he or she looses weight, sleeps well, and gains energy. Many symptoms disappear such as reflux, food and environmental allergies, aches and pains, tiredness, fatigue, insomnia, and mood swings. When we eat and drink better and get the toxins and harmful microorganisms out, we just plain feel and live better.

Also, the better we feel, the more we are able to exercise. The more we exercise, the better we feel. The human body is made to move. So let’s get moving, any type of moving!

To schedule a Nutritional & Health Analysis with Howard Elrod, click here or call Healthy Touch at 706-232-0708!

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