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Ionic Detoxification Footbath

Blessings and Benefits of the Ionic Foot Bath

The Ionic Foot Bath may be the easiest way to eliminate poisons and toxins from your body. Your feet are placed in a warm, two gallon, salt water solution. An electrode is placed between your feet. There is a special safety device on the wall plug that prevents a large amount of electricity from entering the water. Only about twelve volts of electricity from the electrode enters the foot bath water. This electrode creates first a negative ionic environment in the bath. The negative ions draw positively charged toxins from your body such as heavy metals and micro parasites through the pores, lymph, blood, reflexes, and meridians in your feet. Usually, the water turns yellow first. This is thought to be toxins from the urinary system. Then, the water may turn green with gall bladder poisons or brown with liver toxins. Black flecks may be the heavy metals being removed. We notice this with people who have eaten a lot of canned food. White particles may indicate fungus; red, blood clots, and long strings may be lymph toxins. We frequently see evidence of lymphatic toxins in the foot bath water. After 10 to 20 minutes, we change to the polarity to positive. Now the negatively charged toxins such as fungus and Candida are drawn out of our bodies.

First timers receive 10-15 minutes of detox on the negative polarity and 10-15 minutes on the positive polarity. At first usage, your foot bath may look like vegetable soup at the end of the treatment. As you receive more treatments, your baths lighten up signifying that you are less toxic. Usually you feel great after a 30-40 minute foot bath. Your feet feel wonderful and your legs may be more relaxed. Generally you feel relaxed and refreshed all over. The effect of the foot bath reaches the upper parts of the body because I have seen rashes from the upper body disappear in one treatment.

Ionic Foot Baths are recommended for all skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, hives, acne; allergies of all types because I find they are caused by toxins embedded in the body; colds, flu; enlarged lymphnodes anywhere in the body; muscle soreness from disease, exercise, or exertion; joint pain from any type of arthritis-osteo, rheumatoid, etc. I find that arthritis of all types is toxins deposited in the joints when the liver, kidney and colon cannot remove them, especially in dehydrated people-80% of our coffee, alcohol, sweet tea, and coke drinking population! Because pharmaceuticals are so toxic to the liver and kidneys, they are a major cause of arthritis and joint pain and discomfort. Therefore, foot baths are excellent for pharmaceutical detoxification. Foot Baths are an excellent adjunctive therapy when you are doing any type of detoxification programs such as colon, lymph, liver, kidney, gall bladder and heavy metal cleansing. You can add a foot bath when you are fasting. Foot baths are beneficial for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancers of all types, chemotherapy detoxification, autointoxication from chronic constipation, candidiasis, bacterial infections anywhere in the body, lymphadema, food poisoning, and stomach virus.

I like to read my Bible on Saturday mornings and do a foot bath at the same time-spiritual and physical cleansing! In fact, I am doing an Ionic Foot Bath while I am writing a description for the Ionic Foot Bath section of the website. My bath looks very toxic because I haven’t taken time to do a foot bath in a month!

After doing a foot bath is an excellent time to read your feet (dermatoglyphics) and look for markings on the bottoms of your feet that indicate parasites and fungus. This is what I do for myself. I teach all my patients to examine their own feet regularly and look for tapeworm, roundworm, and fungal markings. This is how you will know to start parasite and fungus cleansing. Drink lots of purified water before and after a foot bath. Adding minerals to your water is a good idea because you may loose some ionic minerals in the bath just like you do when you sweat.

Below are a few pictures of my iconic foot bath. Beginning, middle & end.

To schedule your first ionic foot bath, click here or call our office at 706-232-0708!

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